Peony Garden is now camera store open 1 hour/day (!)

First time I’ve ever seen #PeonyGarden in #LittleLonsdaleStreet behind The Emporium open – it really is a funny old #camerastore, run by a very elderly looking Chinese couple, and there were a whole lot of shoppers too ! I presume they’ve been there since maybe the 60s or 70s, once running a restaurant in a tucked away spot, very cheap and popular with RMIT students and State Library staff, now surrounded by apartments and shopping centres and lots of Asian students ! Never heard of #Praktica brand.Looked up my 2006 cityscape – Bernard and Lucy Chow from Ivanhoe bought this building in 1977 for $130,000, then they bought the Victorian next door in 1982. And Praktica was an East German brand .

2 thoughts on “Peony Garden is now camera store open 1 hour/day (!)

  1. When did you visit them? Are they still around in 2021? I visited them during 2015 when I first came to Melbourne and chatted with them but never had a chance to visit again🥲



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