BHP building, Bourke Street, a modernist classic.

Original post 3 April 2020

Good from any angle so here’s 4 ! #BHPbuilding (former), cnr Bourke&William, completed 1972, the apogee of refined modernism. Won the top prize at the Architects Institute Awards in 1973. Designed by #YunckenFreeman, lead architect #BarryPatten, who had travelled to Chicago to consult with #SkidmoreOwingsandMerrill, then completing both the #Hancocktower and the Sears tower in that city, the Hancock having similar expressed structure including the cross bracing. Like those buildings the black steel is actually cladding over the actual concrete encased steel structure, not the structure itself; so much for modernist purity of expression, it’s all about the look.

A fascinating detail of the 1972 #BHPbuilding on Bourke & William corner – the piers actually get thinner as they go up.

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