Royal Arcade, Charles Webb, 1870, restored 2004 (but not exactly)

Original post 17 October 2019

It really is rather splendid, and I quite like the #brightyellow, it’s a bit #RegencyStyle, though it’s 1870, #CharlesWebbArchitect. It went to this from a more stone colour at some point around 2010, not sure, but years after the internal restoration by @lovellchen in 2002-4. It really stands out.

The verandah was reinstated in c1982, but a simpler form than the original in the sketch (and just visible in the 1890 photo) – which had been replaced in the 20s by a cantilevered one.

The shopfronts in the #RoyalArcade were all installed in 2004 as part of restoration works by @lovellchen, making them all the same instead of different periods. They’re delightful, but not the 1870 originals, which were timber and flat. I think these are based on some that were created in the 1890s, not sure, but they do suit, and of course give them that little bit extra shop floor.

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