Public toilet heritage

Original post 23 Feb 2021:

A rather stylish #publictoilet, with a very unusual floating roof, that once stood in the #FitzroyGardens; the photo is one I have on A3 left over from a @nationaltrustvic exhibition in 1998. This was just labelled 1950s, but @_butterpaper’s blog says it was built in 1957 (and it would have been designed by the @cityofmelbourne architects), and which also describes the day it was demolished in 2006. Council gave various reasons but the first one was “…complaints about offensive and intimidating behaviour from individuals who chose to linger there.” Also that heritage-wise it was a modern intrusion (never mind that since then they’ve built their own new ‘intrusion’, a cafe at the south end, albeit where there used to be a depot). Also it was/is council policy to have facilities at the edges not the middle, of parks, and to have unisex ones. But with a little imagination, maybe just removing the brick walls, it would have made a great picnic shelter.

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