With a name like mine was I born to like architecture ? This blog is really just my Instagram posts, which cover buildings I happen to go past, from colonial to postmodern, the CBD (my particular obsession), sometimes versions of my planning objections for Melbourne Heritage Action, architects I track down, and things I remember in my 25 years working at the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), lots of great information, so I thought I’d better get them in a more easily found format, you know, for posterity. There’s also published articles I’ve done over the years, which are somewhat better worded.  And yes, I was born in Melbourne,  did a degree in Architecture at Melbourne University in the early 1980s, then I got interested in cities, so I did a Masters in Urban Design at RMIT, which was a lot of fun. Right now, I’m semi-retired, so I’ve got time to go back through my life’s work and  Instagram posts going back to 2013.

Rohan Storey