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San Diego, Princes Street, St Kilda, WH Merritt, 1936

Original post 14 July 2020 This very stylish block on my street is called San Diego, but it’s quite obscured by some #damntrees ! It’s clearly 1930s Art Deco, but that’s all I know, except that the flats have been built in two stacks it’s in front and to the side of an earlier house … Continue reading San Diego, Princes Street, St Kilda, WH Merritt, 1936

Manchester Unity Building lobby

Original post 11-13 July 2020 Photos 20 June The exterior of the #ManchesterUnityBuilding is Gothic/Deco, but the interiors are fully #ArtDecostyle; zigzags and chevrons and little delicate patterns. But there’s some oddities too, showing maybe architect #MarcusBarlow hadn’t quite fully grasped how the style was usually executed - there’s a sort of flat pink marble … Continue reading Manchester Unity Building lobby

When Art Deco arrived in Victoria

This article appeared in Spirit of Progress, Journal of the Art Deco and Modernism Society of Australia, Autumn 2016 As an architecture student in the 1980s, we were taught that the first fully bona-fide Art Deco building in Melbourne was the delightful Yule House designed b Oakley & Parkes, in Little Collins Street. Five storeys … Continue reading When Art Deco arrived in Victoria