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Orrong Hotel, High Street Armadale

The Orrong Hotel is one of the more striking Art Deco pubs in Melbourne, with that stepped corner tower. And the Fosters neon sign is original! Always thought maybe 80s Deco-revival. The rest is mostly intact, but at some point the bricks and speed lines and ‘hotel’ sign rendered over, then later someone painted a … Continue reading Orrong Hotel, High Street Armadale

Not Skipping Girl, Handley & Co, designed by Alder & Lacey, 1938

Original post 23 February 2020 This is the factory next to the factory that the #SkippingGirlSign is on, and I’m very chuffed to have just found via Trove old newspaper searches that this was built in 1938, and the architects were #AlderAndLacey. Even though I helped get the sign on the Heritage Register, nobody ever … Continue reading Not Skipping Girl, Handley & Co, designed by Alder & Lacey, 1938

Collingwood Tech, 1938

First posted Instagram 3 Feb 2030 I guess they havnt quite finished turning the old #CollingwoodTech into the #CollingwoodArtsCentre just yet, I had to take this through a gap in the hoarding. One if the more unusual designs by #PublicWorks Chief Architect #PercyEverett, this interesting arched and vertically finned entry was added in 1938 to … Continue reading Collingwood Tech, 1938

Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.

Footscray Junior Technical School, 1941, #PercyEverett at his finest, a grand entry set on and inside corner, with curves and counter-curves, a circular vestibule, some great brickwork, topped by a pair of flagposts - the only thing is there’s trees in front, and a big newer block, and a slight slope down, meaning it doesn’t … Continue reading Footscray Junior Technical College, 1941.

Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

More #GeoffreyMewton early Modern #Melbourne delights, the Milky Way Cafe photo in the State Library Collection - but what ? where ? - this from the Wikipedia entry for Mewton (which I just wrote): “This was followed in 1934 by the MIlky Way at 300 #LittleCollinsStreet, a venture of the United Milk Producers Society to … Continue reading Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

Geoffrey Mewton discovery !

Not my photo but I couldn’t wait - just discovered that #MewtonAndGrounds did a ‘Scout Settlement’ project in #NottStreet, #PortMelbourne in late 1936, and it’s still there ! The Scout Settlement wasn’t the Scouts, but similar, providing recreation rooms for boys ‘from the more congested suburbs’ in this case the very working class Port Melb. … Continue reading Geoffrey Mewton discovery !

Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Bellaire, in #CowderoyStreet, #WestStKilda, a place I’d seen photos of but not clapped my own eyes on it. A bit severe ! Designed by #GeoffreyMewton of #MewtonAndGrounds, 1936, lauded as one of those places showing the influence of Modernism when all around was Art Deco or Tudor, its almost Bauhaus in its severity, softened - … Continue reading Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Mewton Modernism

Looks like maybe a #Bauhaus design ? Actually it was built in #Toorak in 1934! Came across this photo while updating the Wikipedia entry for #GeoffreyMewton, so now I know that in the 1930s he did some of the most ‘Modernist’ houses In Melbourne! All white or brick rectangular volumes, with flat roofs (though Phillip … Continue reading Mewton Modernism

Fire Station Modern

#BrunswickFireStation, 1937, designed by #SeabrookandFildes, who did a few around town but this is the best. They got famous for introducing a bricky brand of European Modernism in 1934 with #NormanSeabrook’s design for #MacrobertsonGirlsHigh. This is bit more #ArtDeco by comparison, but very stripped back and rectangular. Thanks as usual to Grant for the drive … Continue reading Fire Station Modern

Percy Everett in Willy

Lunch in #Williamstown, so had to have a look at #PercyEverett’s addition to #WilliamstownHighSchool, and excellent as always, looking like a superior 1930s office block almost, but it’s actually 1948 - Percy seems to have ignored modernism almost complete (#RobinBoyd etc must have been shaking their heads in disbelief). But it’s very nice, well built … Continue reading Percy Everett in Willy