Mewton Modernism

Looks like maybe a #Bauhaus design ? Actually it was built in #Toorak in 1934! Came across this photo while updating the Wikipedia entry for #GeoffreyMewton, so now I know that in the 1930s he did some of the most ‘Modernist’ houses In Melbourne! All white or brick rectangular volumes, with flat roofs (though Phillip Goad points out they were more Bauhaus-look than strictly Modern, but never mind !).This one is in Grosvenor Court, sadly added to a lot. The 2nd one was 1937, in Aphrasia Street Geelong, long gone now ☹️ very striking. There was third in this vein, still there at 2 Riverview Road Essendon., 1936. He also did a very cute single storey white brick house in Halifax Street Brighton in c1935 which won an equal first Architect’s Institute prize in the Ideal Home Show of 1936. He did all these while a ‘partner’ with #RoyGrounds, where apparently they did their stuff separately, 1933-37. They were students together and then travelled to London together too, checking out all the latest things.

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