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AMP, Lonsdale Street, 1958

Original post 6 October 2019 One of the more peculiar #midcenturymodern #officebuildings in the city is this one at 406 #LonsdaleStreet, built speculatively by the AMP society in 1958. Better with the horizontal window framing, but still quite odd. Turned into #studenthousing maybe 10 years ago. For some reason most of the blinds are always … Continue reading AMP, Lonsdale Street, 1958

Manchester Unity Building lobby

Original post 11-13 July 2020 Photos 20 June The exterior of the #ManchesterUnityBuilding is Gothic/Deco, but the interiors are fully #ArtDecostyle; zigzags and chevrons and little delicate patterns. But there’s some oddities too, showing maybe architect #MarcusBarlow hadn’t quite fully grasped how the style was usually executed - there’s a sort of flat pink marble … Continue reading Manchester Unity Building lobby

The Australian Church, Flinders Street, 1887-1920s

Original post 8 July 2020 I had not found a photo of this till @heraldsunphoto_retro popped up with a photo showing the ‘Australian Church’ on #FlindersStreet near Spring - it was built in 1887, but was gone by the mid 20s, a church and building that came and went rather quickly. It was established in … Continue reading The Australian Church, Flinders Street, 1887-1920s

Fourth Victoria Building, Collins Street

Original post 1 July 2020 The Fourth Victoria Building (society) in #collinsstreet is a rebuild of an 1880s building by architect #RobertHaddon in #1912 adding two floors, and a new plain facade, which #RobinBoyd described as a ‘fairly wheezy’ first breath of functionalism in Melbourne, but really it’s a fairly direct influence of the #ViennaSecession, … Continue reading Fourth Victoria Building, Collins Street

Cute tiled postwar office block by – Harry Bloom (!)

Original post 2 November 2019 Photos 1 October 2019 #LaurensHouse in #LonsdaleStreet is a building that just wasn’t highlighted until the @nationaltrustvic started doing a review of CBD post war stuff a few years ago, and I said (or maybe it was someone else) said what about this one with the 50s #pinktiles? Turns out … Continue reading Cute tiled postwar office block by – Harry Bloom (!)

Late Modernism in Bourke Street – Eagle House, 1972

Original post 2 February 2020 Photos 1 October 2019 Eagle House in #BourkeStreet was completed in 1972, and replaced #OxfordChambers of the previous post. Designed by supreme Modernists #YunckenFreeman it’s actually #LateModern, when it was all about slick surfaces, and this is the stand out example, and so it’s on the #VictorianHeritageRegister. I nominated it … Continue reading Late Modernism in Bourke Street – Eagle House, 1972

Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

More #GeoffreyMewton early Modern #Melbourne delights, the Milky Way Cafe photo in the State Library Collection - but what ? where ? - this from the Wikipedia entry for Mewton (which I just wrote): “This was followed in 1934 by the MIlky Way at 300 #LittleCollinsStreet, a venture of the United Milk Producers Society to … Continue reading Thoroughly Modern Milk Bar

Fish Market long gone but not forgotten

Fantastic rendering of the long demolished #MelbourneFishMarkets in #FlindersStreet by @coloursofyesterday from 2015. One if the great losses of the 50s-70s. Built 1891-2, designed by R G Gordon in a fabbo Italian Gothic fantasy of towers and turrets. The fish market was actually in a bit built on the riverbank, almost no photos of it, … Continue reading Fish Market long gone but not forgotten