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Premier Tower, Spencer Street

Original post 7 October 2019 The #PremierTower on #SpencerStreet was designed by @elenberg_fraser employing their signature wave-forms, but in this case it’s alarmingly wobbly from some angles. And it’s supposedly inspired by Beyoncé (!). It really stands out because until now Spencer Street hasn’t seen any new #penciltowers like other streets, and unless someone demolished … Continue reading Premier Tower, Spencer Street

More Melbourne facadism

From my friends at @melbourne_heritage_action - A case of #facadism+a bit more, almost but not quite acceptable (thanks samantha stoney for the photo) - this 1938 factory on A’Beckett Street is a particularly notable example of European Modernism, designed by #EFBillson, a pupil of #WalterBurleyGriffin, but that didn’t stop the original 2015 proposal that would … Continue reading More Melbourne facadism

Apartmentmania – how close is too close ?

This is one of the craziest things to get built as part of the early 2010s avalanche of approvals under #MatthewGuy as Planning Minister. Its sort of L shaped fitting an L shaped site, where there was a permit for an opposite L shaped one to the right of the first photo, so loads of … Continue reading Apartmentmania – how close is too close ?

Swanston Central tower – fail !

First posted Instagram 3 December 2019. It’s a C- from me; #SwanstonCentral, @elenberg_fraser, the colours barely register, neither does the slight curve, and it just stops in the sky. And looks very dull indeed if the sun isn’t shining. Really we should have something much better for this prime spot, outside the #HoddleGrid.  (Update : … Continue reading Swanston Central tower – fail !