Swanston Central tower – fail !

First posted Instagram 3 December 2019.

It’s a C- from me; #SwanstonCentral, @elenberg_fraser, the colours barely register, neither does the slight curve, and it just stops in the sky. And looks very dull indeed if the sun isn’t shining. Really we should have something much better for this prime spot, outside the #HoddleGrid.  (Update : Im told that the developer ordered the wrong glass, it was meant to be perhaps more reflective, but still…) The first @dentoncorkermarshall scheme of clustered tubes so much better. Though prob there really shouldn’t be a skyscraper here at all. The ground level is horrible, some clunky legs with ? carparking behind, shows that putting on legs above heritage isn’t nice to the old buildings.

So only the outer walls were left of the 1860/1920s former #CUBbrewery building was left, but no reason to plonk legs through it (they also demolished the still extant back wall to do it). It’s going to be a double height hospo space at least that what the plans showed.

#VisionAndReality; #SwanstonCentral, @elenberg_fraser, but to be fair I guess it’s not finished ? But not sure whether it’s supposed to look like the silver one or the green one. The silver #stalactites are better, though they are like icy stakes driven into the poor old 1860s #CarltonUnitedBrewery building. It only existed as four walls but still a bit shocked @heritage.victoria thought this was ok. A good case for cantilevering I think. And yes the very ordinary steel slats behind are the #carpark levels; the new @cityofmelbourne design guidelines just approved would have seen them go underground, and it’s quite likely that not many residents of the small one bedders here would have cars anyway. Sigh.

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