Bricky severe Modernism in St Kilda West.

Bellaire, in #CowderoyStreet, #WestStKilda, a place I’d seen photos of but not clapped my own eyes on it. A bit severe ! Designed by #GeoffreyMewton of #MewtonAndGrounds, 1936, lauded as one of those places showing the influence of Modernism when all around was Art Deco or Tudor, its almost Bauhaus in its severity, softened – a bit – by using bricks in two colours. If it was all white we’d probably be swooning. Small windows, but then it faces north over a corner, so plenty of light really, and they’re small but neatly planned, with sep kitchens, and meals area, and even a little hall. There’s also a rooftop for residents, very avant-garde – parts seem to have been partitioned off and the top floor flats have their own bits and a staircase squeezed in now.

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