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Thinking of ‘home’, Devon, Exeter and (something), East Melbourne

Original post 17 October 2019 10,12 and 14 #PowlettStreet, #EastMelbourne, 1886, and all named after English counties, where of course most Melburnians came from in the 19thC. Three #terracehouses all the same in a row but oddly with a space between them rather than an actual row with shared #partywalls. Most terrace houses were #buildtorent, … Continue reading Thinking of ‘home’, Devon, Exeter and (something), East Melbourne

Finn Barr, South Melbourne, 1885

Original post 17 July 2020 Time for my annual pilgrimage to see Finn Barr, in Cecil Street, #SouthMelbourne in winter, this time with my wide angle. Here’s what I said in 2017: Built in 1885 for a local doctor who obviously wanted to make a statement! A #terracehouse with a facade and tower worthy of … Continue reading Finn Barr, South Melbourne, 1885

The Australian Church, Flinders Street, 1887-1920s

Original post 8 July 2020 I had not found a photo of this till @heraldsunphoto_retro popped up with a photo showing the ‘Australian Church’ on #FlindersStreet near Spring - it was built in 1887, but was gone by the mid 20s, a church and building that came and went rather quickly. It was established in … Continue reading The Australian Church, Flinders Street, 1887-1920s

Premier Permanent, Collins Street, 1887, not so permanent.

Original post 9 April 2020 When I first saw a photo of this I was like OMG what a feast ! Delicious ! It seems like most of the really OTT #highvictorian things were lost on the 1950s-60s, and this was right up there ! The #PemierPermanent Building Society, on #CollinsStreet south side just down … Continue reading Premier Permanent, Collins Street, 1887, not so permanent.

Stanford Block, Richmond, 1880s

Original post 25 February 2020 The Stanford Block, Bridge Road, Richmond; almost certainly 1880s, and largely untouched, not painted, not even one, maybe single owner until the 80s ? Nice #polychromebrick, even still has its knobs. Only thing is one set of windows partly bricked in, but easily reversible. Thought these might be by #JohnBeswicke, … Continue reading Stanford Block, Richmond, 1880s

Unusual Victorians in COLLINGWOOD on opposite corners

First posted Instagram 5 February 2020 This hasn’t changed appearance since the 70s, back then it was just ‘chinese food’, and now it gets 5 stars. A Victorian shop with an open verandah above like that is pretty rare, only one on a corner I can think of; though it’s possible the 50s/60s shopfront replaced … Continue reading Unusual Victorians in COLLINGWOOD on opposite corners

NOT heritage colours, Elizabeth Street

First posted Instagram 3 Nov 2019. 😮 This #colourscheme on the old #AngusAndRobertson building on #ElizabethStreet has just been revealed (thanks for the photo @tristan_davies) - it’s cheery but so very wrong ! Apparently it’s some kind of mistake, and they (not sure who, but @plusarchitecture are moving in) certainly didn’t get a heritage permit. … Continue reading NOT heritage colours, Elizabeth Street

Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

First posted 1 February 2020 While I’m on #lostmelbourne, there’s the famous ones, but there were quite a lot of ornate #highvictorian ‘chambers’ like this that mushroomed in the 1880s and disappeared in the 50s-70s, mostly with only a few photos now in archives - and @heraldsunphoto_retro has a great collection slowly filling up their … Continue reading Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970