Unusual Victorians in COLLINGWOOD on opposite corners

First posted Instagram 5 February 2020

This hasn’t changed appearance since the 70s, back then it was just ‘chinese food’, and now it gets 5 stars. A Victorian shop with an open verandah above like that is pretty rare, only one on a corner I can think of; though it’s possible the 50s/60s shopfront replaced a ground level verandah (nope just looked at the 1900 MMBW map, no ground level verandah). Very restrained for 1882 except the cute corner pediment on the verandah. And for some reason the balustrade has been replaced with a modern aluminium one. Update : been run by Alan and Carol Han since 2000, starting as a coffee and cake retirement business, but demand for Singaporean dishes has kept them going for 20 years.

Corner of Wellington and #JohnstonStreetCollingwood; maybe this was a pub, maybe just always shops (though pretty narrow), maybe early, definitely lost some #parapet decoration, but they kept the elaborate British #coatofarms on the corner, so patriotic. Just looked at 1900 MMBW map, looks like just shops. And not on 1858 map so after that.

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