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Job Warehouse to be cleaned up (a lot)

16 February 2018 JobWarehouse, oldest shops almost oldest building in the city, built 1848 as by Crossley the butcher. In the 50s the Zeimer brothers started the business, the name (probably) coming from their practice of buying job lots, or maybe Jobs was a special term for theatre costumers who relied on their stock. Anyway, … Continue reading Job Warehouse to be cleaned up (a lot)

Colonial in Collingwood

First posted Instagram 4 February 2020 Everybody’s favourite, this is Belmont in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood, looking very Colonial. This is because partly it is, the ground level anyway, built in bluestone in 1857 right on the street, with a few steps protruding onto the footpath, apparently because it was outside the area governed by the first building … Continue reading Colonial in Collingwood

Queen Hall at the State Library looks lovely

The refurbished #QueensHall at the #StateLibraryVictoria looks amazing, all that delicate plaster detail highlighted by pale paint, and the fabbo #fishscale #skylights reinstated; hard to believe it’s been 16 years since it closed (why I’m not sure) and what a change from the 1970s green and cream scheme - looks like it might even be … Continue reading Queen Hall at the State Library looks lovely