Job Warehouse to be cleaned up (a lot)

Repost from this day in 2019 (update : #heritagevictoria said painting over everything was ok, surprisingly)

After many years, the three empty shops at #JobWarehouse are set to be refurbished for a bar/restaurant, but in the process the building will be scrubbed clean, until it looks completely new. The shopfronts will stay, but all the painted signs will go and even the peeling woodwork on the laneway side will be replaced, not to mention all the many layers of wallpapers inside (when the Zeimer family took over in 1957, they just painted over it all, preserving everything there before, mainly from the 1900s -1950s). This is partly because the CMP says nothing after 1935 is important (!) which completely ignores the Zeimer’s 55 years running their wonderfully eccentric fabric store. Its an #OBrienGroup development.

2021- Latest is that they’ve also bought the 80s shops down the side lane, which they want to replace with a walled courtyard bar thing, which local residents are taking to VCAT.

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