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Exotic cast iron bandstand in Prahran

This #bandstand in the #GrattanGardens in #Prahran was built in ... nobody knows, just ‘late 19th century’. Very interesting #castiron, almost #MoorishStyle, from the Alhambra, but that #corrugatediron roof rather detracts from the elegance. It’s been moved a couple of times, in the process lost the balustrades, which are back since 2013, but don’t look … Continue reading Exotic cast iron bandstand in Prahran

Making a mark in Kensington

Local Kensington identity James Wales certainly made a statement with this, his home combined with the office for his business, the #KensingtonPropertyExchange, plus attached shophouse, designed by E Owen Hughes. Somehow it’s all survived intact, never painted, never altered, even the shopfront is intact. Very much of the #landboom eta, in fact by the time … Continue reading Making a mark in Kensington

Stalbridge Chambers, 1891

Repost 2019: #StalbridgeChambers, 1891, by #TwentymanabdAskew, another one of #myfavouritebuilding’s. At nine floors, it’s one of the two remaining 19thC skyscrapers in Melbourne (the other is the gothic #NationalMutual, Queen & Collins). Love the way every floor is subtly different, something they also did on #TheBlockArcade, and #FinksBuilding (demolished). It was offices, but also a … Continue reading Stalbridge Chambers, 1891

Fish Market long gone but not forgotten

Fantastic rendering of the long demolished #MelbourneFishMarkets in #FlindersStreet by @coloursofyesterday from 2015. One if the great losses of the 50s-70s. Built 1891-2, designed by R G Gordon in a fabbo Italian Gothic fantasy of towers and turrets. The fish market was actually in a bit built on the riverbank, almost no photos of it, … Continue reading Fish Market long gone but not forgotten

Jobbin’s best Bank, Racecourse Road.

Excellent bank in Racecourse Road #Flemington by #GeorgeJobbins from 1889 for the #ColonialBankofAustralasia; his most elaborate, in fact one of the most elaborate banks from the time - banks were often very restrained compared to the #HighVictorian madness going on around them in the 1880s. Great details such as the delicate #ioniccapitals and the little … Continue reading Jobbin’s best Bank, Racecourse Road.

Flemington Fire Station – horseshoe arch for horses.

The #FlemingtonFireStation, built 1896, across the road from the 1891 #FlemingtonCourtHouse, almost but not really a civic precinct. Love the #horseshoearch (note it’s not a #keyholearch, slightly different), no architect listed, but this arch pretty much the same as the #ElsternwickFireStation, same date, so prob same architect, #JTKelleher. Update : the windows above the arch … Continue reading Flemington Fire Station – horseshoe arch for horses.

Flemington Post Office, a real eclectic delight.

Looks a bit like a Russian church, but it’s #FlemingtonPostOffice, 1890, another wonderfull eclectic design from the #PublicWorksDepartment; Flemington for some reason has a great bunch of public buildings arrayed up a side street, taking advantage of the pointy corner sites, but a long way from the shops, train station etc. The #PostOffice here would … Continue reading Flemington Post Office, a real eclectic delight.

A J MacDonald PWD star !

Look what I found wandering home up a side street from #christmaslunch - the fabbo #FlemingtonCourtHouse, built 1891. Lombardic Romanesque ? Italian Byzantine ? All of the above ! Designed by #AJMacDonald, at a time in the later 1880s when the #PublicWorksDepartment were let loose to be inventive after decades of classical restraint. The #copshop … Continue reading A J MacDonald PWD star !

Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887

Fantastic #polychromebrick #warehouses from 1887 in #NiagaraLane in the city, so much effort for such a narrow lane where you can’t see them properly, but lots of great details. Built for Henry Marks, designed by #GeorgeDeLacyEvans. I think they’re all apartments now. One of the locations that began the gentrification of #MelbourneLanes; in 1978 #niagaragalleries … Continue reading Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887