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Stalbridge Chambers, 1891

Repost 2019: #StalbridgeChambers, 1891, by #TwentymanabdAskew, another one of #myfavouritebuilding’s. At nine floors, it’s one of the two remaining 19thC skyscrapers in Melbourne (the other is the gothic #NationalMutual, Queen & Collins). Love the way every floor is subtly different, something they also did on #TheBlockArcade, and #FinksBuilding (demolished). It was offices, but also a … Continue reading Stalbridge Chambers, 1891

Rankins Lane overshadowing

#RankinsLane at 2.30 pm and earlier at 12.30 today - all this nice #sunlight would be blocked by the 20 storey tower proposed for 360 #LittleBourkeStreet - you’d think there’d be rules protecting the sun in this popular residential and business #laneway just up towards #HardwareLane but you’d be wrong ! There’s a 15m limit … Continue reading Rankins Lane overshadowing