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Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887

Fantastic #polychromebrick #warehouses from 1887 in #NiagaraLane in the city, so much effort for such a narrow lane where you can’t see them properly, but lots of great details. Built for Henry Marks, designed by #GeorgeDeLacyEvans. I think they’re all apartments now. One of the locations that began the gentrification of #MelbourneLanes; in 1978 #niagaragalleries … Continue reading Squeezy : Niagara Lane Warehouses 1887

Rankins Lane overshadowing

#RankinsLane at 2.30 pm and earlier at 12.30 today - all this nice #sunlight would be blocked by the 20 storey tower proposed for 360 #LittleBourkeStreet - you’d think there’d be rules protecting the sun in this popular residential and business #laneway just up towards #HardwareLane but you’d be wrong ! There’s a 15m limit … Continue reading Rankins Lane overshadowing