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St Johns Toorak, Pugin-esque Gothic Revival downunder.

#StJohnsToorak has this amazingly huge spire/tower, attached to an otherwise very low roofed not that big church, with small small windows and doors, the roofs coming way down - I thought maybe the spire was added later to compensate for the small scale but no apparently it’s based on the original 1859 #WilliamWardell design, though … Continue reading St Johns Toorak, Pugin-esque Gothic Revival downunder.

St Johns Toorak, great Louis Williams additions to Wardell’s only Anglican Church.

Inside #StJohnsToorak, nave completed 1860, designed by #WilliamWardell, and its kind of small and intimate, and rather dim - had to brighten up all the pics ! Only has small highlight windows and very low aisles. Found a 19thC photo of the interior (very rare), showing great Gothic style brass chandelier things, possibly gaslit, which … Continue reading St Johns Toorak, great Louis Williams additions to Wardell’s only Anglican Church.

Prairie Style in Toorak.

#ClendonLodge is one of the lesser known houses by #WalterBurleyGriffin and #MarionMahonyGriffin, built in 1927, even though it’s right on the pointy corner where #ClendonRoad meets #ToorakRoad, maybe cos it’s hidden by generous planting. Also, it’s not the most exciting of their houses, pretty straight forward #PrairieStyle, as they were doing in Chicago before they … Continue reading Prairie Style in Toorak.

Mewton Modernism

Looks like maybe a #Bauhaus design ? Actually it was built in #Toorak in 1934! Came across this photo while updating the Wikipedia entry for #GeoffreyMewton, so now I know that in the 1930s he did some of the most ‘Modernist’ houses In Melbourne! All white or brick rectangular volumes, with flat roofs (though Phillip … Continue reading Mewton Modernism

More Mock Tudor in Toorak

#Picturesque but actually #symmetrical - the 1934 #MockTudor shops on the corner of ToorakRoad and Grange Road. Designed by Leslie Reed (not #RobertBellHamilton as previously thought), they were built in front a Victorian house, you can see the chimneys round the side, where they just plastered the walls with #halftimbering. The front much more creative, … Continue reading More Mock Tudor in Toorak

Toorak Tudor

As you know, I do love suburban #MockTudor shops (#OldEnglish is the proper name), and #ToorakVillage has the best examples. Architect possibly #RobertBellHamilton, and first one is 1929, the one on the north corner of Grange Rd is 1934 - there’s no stick-on #haltimbering, it’s actual carved timber, lots of bay windows and gables, #diamondpane … Continue reading Toorak Tudor