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Woy Woy, Elwood, early Modern in Melbourne

#WoyWoy, #MarineParadeElwood, #GeoffreyMewton, 1936. Amazing bit of almost #Bauhaus in Melbourne, designed by Mewton, who did a whole series of rendered or cream brick boxy houses too, all dem now except #JustinMadden’s house in Essendon. Woy Woy has just been renovated, it’s bright white instead of ochre, and the owner waved us in ! She’s … Continue reading Woy Woy, Elwood, early Modern in Melbourne

Mewton Modernism

Looks like maybe a #Bauhaus design ? Actually it was built in #Toorak in 1934! Came across this photo while updating the Wikipedia entry for #GeoffreyMewton, so now I know that in the 1930s he did some of the most ‘Modernist’ houses In Melbourne! All white or brick rectangular volumes, with flat roofs (though Phillip … Continue reading Mewton Modernism