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Eildon Mansion, St Kilda

Original post 27 March 2020 2nd #virusphoto; #EildonMansion, without any cars in front ! But some hazard tape instead. Now home to the #AllianceFrancaiseMelbourne, it was built in 1872, designed by #JosephReedArchitect of #ReedAndBarnes, an enlargement of an earlier house. It’s a bit clunky if you ask me, not Reeds best work; an awful lot … Continue reading Eildon Mansion, St Kilda

Hidden heritage in St Kilda No 2

Original post 27 February 2020 St Kilda still surprises - another hidden mansion ! Behind the Spanish style flats at 37 #AclandStreet, there’s this ! A completely intact big house, pretty much the same as the one next door that never got flats built in the front yard. Both built c1870, same size and shape … Continue reading Hidden heritage in St Kilda No 2

Hidden heritage revealed – Bundalohn, Tennyson Street, St Kilda

Original post 28 December 2019 No it’s not being demolished, it’s being revealed ! They knocked down some ugly 60s flats / hotel units that were in front - though they’re going to build more back, for crisis housing apparently, which will be good to have. Anyway it’s called #Bundalohn, it’s opposite the #StKildaBotanicalGardens, it … Continue reading Hidden heritage revealed – Bundalohn, Tennyson Street, St Kilda

Harston, Brighton, 1885

Here in Victoria, we call this style #lombardicromanesque, even though sometimes it's Italianate or Gothic. Anyway it's a special melb invention, a blend of influences - wonderful #polychromebrick, round arched windows, varied massing, #jerkinhead roofs, and of course a #tower topped with #mansard roof and #widowswalk. Even the ornate #castironfence is intact. My favourite sort … Continue reading Harston, Brighton, 1885

Calabria, Brighton, 1886

One of two big mansions on Church Street on top of the small hill east of the #MiddleBrighton railway station. Another towered mansion, in #redbrick #Italianate form, but with hints of #gothicrevival in the window arches, and the prominent #gable ends. All details painted white, just as they have been probably since the 1950s. Original … Continue reading Calabria, Brighton, 1886

Hidden Melbourne #1

#HiddenMansion, Taldara, later Shirley, 1868, #CrouchandWilson, built for David Rosenthal, I presume Jewish. This house, now hidden behind 60s flats at 40 Alma Road, #StKilda, backs on to 17 #CharnwoodGrove, where St Kilda’s first #synagogue was built in 1872, also designed by Crouch & Wilson, who then went on to design the East Melb synagogue … Continue reading Hidden Melbourne #1