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Royal Arcade, Charles Webb, 1870, restored 2004 (but not exactly)

Original post 17 October 2019 It really is rather splendid, and I quite like the #brightyellow, it’s a bit #RegencyStyle, though it’s 1870, #CharlesWebbArchitect. It went to this from a more stone colour at some point around 2010, not sure, but years after the internal restoration by @lovellchen in 2002-4. It really stands out. The … Continue reading Royal Arcade, Charles Webb, 1870, restored 2004 (but not exactly)

Eildon Mansion, St Kilda

Original post 27 March 2020 2nd #virusphoto; #EildonMansion, without any cars in front ! But some hazard tape instead. Now home to the #AllianceFrancaiseMelbourne, it was built in 1872, designed by #JosephReedArchitect of #ReedAndBarnes, an enlargement of an earlier house. It’s a bit clunky if you ask me, not Reeds best work; an awful lot … Continue reading Eildon Mansion, St Kilda

Hidden heritage in St Kilda No 2

Original post 27 February 2020 St Kilda still surprises - another hidden mansion ! Behind the Spanish style flats at 37 #AclandStreet, there’s this ! A completely intact big house, pretty much the same as the one next door that never got flats built in the front yard. Both built c1870, same size and shape … Continue reading Hidden heritage in St Kilda No 2

Colonial in Collingwood

First posted Instagram 4 February 2020 Everybody’s favourite, this is Belmont in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood, looking very Colonial. This is because partly it is, the ground level anyway, built in bluestone in 1857 right on the street, with a few steps protruding onto the footpath, apparently because it was outside the area governed by the first building … Continue reading Colonial in Collingwood

St George’s Presbyterian, East St Kilda

#StGeorgesPresbyterian, Chapel Street #EastStKilda, designed by #AlbertPurchas and built in two stages, nave and tower 1877, transepts and sanctuary 1880. Most interesting thing Purchas did in his long career from the 1850s to the 1890s. Here he’s taken Joseph Reed’s #LombardicRomanesque and applied it to a #GothicRevival form, but with the stripes that Butterfield liked, … Continue reading St George’s Presbyterian, East St Kilda