St George’s Presbyterian, East St Kilda

#StGeorgesPresbyterian, Chapel Street #EastStKilda, designed by #AlbertPurchas and built in two stages, nave and tower 1877, transepts and sanctuary 1880. Most interesting thing Purchas did in his long career from the 1850s to the 1890s.

Here he’s taken Joseph Reed’s #LombardicRomanesque and applied it to a #GothicRevival form, but with the stripes that Butterfield liked, and a spire that is maybe his own invention, as is that great stubby #stairtower-buttress on the other side, and using #facebrick inside. Dont think any other late 19thC church here is brick on the inside. It’s also got no aisles, no chancel, and a raked nave, all very #noncomformist features. Also means it babes a fairly good auditorium, which is what it’s used for by #StMichaelsGrammarSchool, since 1990.

Update: the form, stipes and especially the tower are similar to Butterfield’s Balliol College Chapel, built 1857, only 30 years earlier !

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