Silo Apartments Richmond

Silo Apartments Richmond

Back when #NondaKatsalidis was doing exciting stuff – his #RichmondSilo project at 22 Abinger Street in 1996 was the first time someone had done a conversion of a disused #silo (though actually the front half is new) – it was the talk of the town, I remember it was rumoured that Kylie Minogue had a flat there.

Described by critic and academic #PhillipGoad as a ‘brutish totemic tower of inner city living’, this is the guest time I’ve actually got up close. Love the way it looks over everything, with that ship-like #prow !

Interesting to see that as well as the 1880s Malthouses and the actual 1930s silos, the Katsalidis work is part of the City of Yarra heritage listing now.

Love the way it looms

The plan is a bit phallic ! And lots of angles, which I like.
View from flat 6, which sold in 2015 for only $1.5 mill.

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