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Thinking of ‘home’, Devon, Exeter and (something), East Melbourne

Original post 17 October 2019 10,12 and 14 #PowlettStreet, #EastMelbourne, 1886, and all named after English counties, where of course most Melburnians came from in the 19thC. Three #terracehouses all the same in a row but oddly with a space between them rather than an actual row with shared #partywalls. Most terrace houses were #buildtorent, … Continue reading Thinking of ‘home’, Devon, Exeter and (something), East Melbourne

Finn Barr, South Melbourne, 1885

Original post 17 July 2020 Time for my annual pilgrimage to see Finn Barr, in Cecil Street, #SouthMelbourne in winter, this time with my wide angle. Here’s what I said in 2017: Built in 1885 for a local doctor who obviously wanted to make a statement! A #terracehouse with a facade and tower worthy of … Continue reading Finn Barr, South Melbourne, 1885

Falconer Terrace, Fitzroy 1866.

#FalconerTerrace, Napier Street,#Fitzroy, 1866, one of the most impressive terraces in Melbs, not because it’s huge or elaborate but because it’s relative simple, but unusual, with a plain upper storey, and a ground level that’s an even arcade with no demarcation between the houses (it’s two arches per house), on solid #bluestone piers. Nice. (But … Continue reading Falconer Terrace, Fitzroy 1866.