Adass Isreal synagogue

23 May 2023 Adass Israel Orthodox Synagogue, Glen Eira Avenue, Ripponlea. The congregation was formed by mostly Germans / Austrians in 1940, moving here in 1950, then commissioning Vienna-born Ernest Fooks to build this, completed 1965. Not the most exciting design, but nice brickwork house-shaped bit. Interior shot from Google maps, looks 60s, but might … Continue reading Adass Isreal synagogue


Original post 16 May 2019: #Alverno, #DalgetyStreet, #StKilda, built 1918 for Miss Hoffman. Next door is an Edwardian house same date probably, and both were once part of the garden of the big Victorian terrace further to the right. An example of #earlyflats, part Edwardian #redbrick, part #ArtsAndCraftsStyle, and rather formal. It’s one flat on … Continue reading Alverno

Modernist castle

Original post 8 May 2019: Every mans home is his Modernist Castle-with-decorative-railings, spotted in Robe Street St Kilda. I think that maybe the slightly rafish seaside suburb of #StKilda after WW1 attracted people and/or designers who just let their heads go. If it was 1930s and didn’t have the stepped parapets it would actually be … Continue reading Modernist castle