Monash Religious Centre

Repost 2017: #MonashReligiousCentre, #MockridgeStahleandMitchell, 1968. An interdenominational chapel, so no crosses, with a lovely calm atmosphere inside (though there are some #stainedglasswindows). The outside very understated like many of the early Monash buildings, (except the Ming Wing), though can’t say I actually like it much, an odd shape, neither dome nor cylinder, and the low … Continue reading Monash Religious Centre

Palais Theatre

Repost 2017: The #PalaisTheatreMelbourne new enclosed #wintergarden / glazed lobby extension thing is finished - not awful, but sooo black, and oddly curved, the arches don’t extend out from the arched windows behind, so why didn’t they just make it straight ? and then you could see the tops of the arched windows behind (which … Continue reading Palais Theatre

Collins House

Repost 2019: Collins House, just finished, 466 Collins, #BatesSmart l, on top of the partly preserved #Huddartparker building - I’m quite surprised to see that the stepping back then forward again, normally a no-no, works in this case- prob because it’s such a high gap, and effectively puts the tower above the National Bank next … Continue reading Collins House

More Tudor shops

Great #OldEnglish shops on Commercial Road near Chapel Street, recently sold for $9.8 mill to ‘Malaysian developers’ (I’m told it’s Buelah) - but they’re B graded in the chapel street #heritageprecinct, so pretty safe. Might replace the rear wings with 10 storeys, but the price reflects shop income I think. Can’t find much about them, … Continue reading More Tudor shops