Marion Mahoney Griffin

Posted 9 March 2021: Since I totally neglected to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay yesterday, here’s something by our first female architect #MarionMahonyGriffin; the interiors of the #CapitolTheatreMelbourne are sometimes ascribed to her alone, but there’s no evidence Walter didn’t help (or rather it was a collaboration), and after all she wasn’t an interior designer, she was a … Continue reading Marion Mahoney Griffin

Grand Union Junction

Repost this day 2019: Some #traminfrastructure : this is the ‘Grand Union’ #tramcrossing at the corner of #HawthornRoad and #BalaclavaRoad in #NorthCaulfield. Just an ordinary intersection, but when the #PrahranandMalvernTramwaysTrust was building the electric tram network in the south east burbs in the 1910s, they decided they needed to be able to turn #trams in … Continue reading Grand Union Junction

Harley House, 1923

Repost this day 2018: HarleyHouse, a ‘chambers’ built for the medical profession (named after the once famous medical street in London #HarleySteeet), 1923, in a broadly #CommercialPalazzo form by #SydneySmithOggandSerpell. Said to have Greek and Egyptian motifs, but I don’t see them - I see Georgianish arches, #ChicagoSchool #bayWindows, a giant stylised classical #cornice, in … Continue reading Harley House, 1923

Architecture fail

Recording #crapitecture since 2013. Corner of Lygon and Brunswick Road. There are now equal sized but slightly more attractive blocks on two of the other three corners, and another coming on the last. I’m not bothering to look up architects.