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Anzac Station tram stop (ex Domain Interchange)

Anzac Station tram stop in St Kilda Road - open but not at all finished. I like it! Lovely curves, lots of wood (‘glulam’ beams maybe 2m deep?) in a diagonal grid, some skylights, some bright green. However - it’s so high that it won’t keep much weather out; the from city trams will stop … Continue reading Anzac Station tram stop (ex Domain Interchange)

Collins Arch – lumpy, and a public space fail

Original post 23 Feb 2019: CollinsArch is massive, not so much an arch as a lump, not helped by the steppyness, as I said to anyone who would listen, which was nobody. You’ll only see that it actually is an arch from pretty much directly north or south, the rest of the time it’ll be … Continue reading Collins Arch – lumpy, and a public space fail

Premier Tower, Spencer Street

Original post 7 October 2019 The #PremierTower on #SpencerStreet was designed by @elenberg_fraser employing their signature wave-forms, but in this case it’s alarmingly wobbly from some angles. And it’s supposedly inspired by Beyoncé (!). It really stands out because until now Spencer Street hasn’t seen any new #penciltowers like other streets, and unless someone demolished … Continue reading Premier Tower, Spencer Street

South Melbourne surf club pavilion

Original post 4 July Photos 18 June 2020 The new #SouthMelbourneBeach pavilion by @jcbarchitects is very minimalist, a simple very low profile and grey render (precast?), quite nice but I’d have liked a bit of something? Bright colours inside. Great that there’s a fair amount of under cover space on the beach, where there isn’t … Continue reading South Melbourne surf club pavilion

Apartmentmania – how close is too close ?

This is one of the craziest things to get built as part of the early 2010s avalanche of approvals under #MatthewGuy as Planning Minister. Its sort of L shaped fitting an L shaped site, where there was a permit for an opposite L shaped one to the right of the first photo, so loads of … Continue reading Apartmentmania – how close is too close ?

Front portion preservation

There’s a lot of #frontportionism in #DorcasStreet, #SouthMelbourne near the market. This is my ideal kind of compromise, keeping a good chunk of the old, the new doesn’t overly #dominate. Though maybe it does a bit given these two are on corners. And the second one unfortunately includes a lower not to the left that … Continue reading Front portion preservation

Federation Square heritage listing #1

So #FederationSquare has been confirmed by #HeritageVictoria as having state heritage significance, which should mean no Apple Store ! This might be subject to an appeal, but unless the State Government intervenes to overturn it I'm sure it will be confirmed, and that should mean the Apple store won't happen, unless they just go into … Continue reading Federation Square heritage listing #1