Collins Arch public space fail

Finally got to have a good look at Collins Arch (🙄) and I’m warming a bit to the reflective zig-zaggery, but it’s still a monster, filling the block, with some bits carved out to create public space – most of which is uninviting on a 3.30 on a summer afternoon. The central gap was quite gloomy, there was a bit of sun in the small park at the front, and two people in the dim stepped seating area under the east tower. There’s more open space/greenery on the east side, but Council built that by taking half of Market Street (and it was all boarded off?). Very poor compared to the large often sunny open space there before, though it was very badly landscaped. The arch itself you can only see by looking straight up, or from the other side of the river. The original open space happened because the @cityofmelbourne owned the site and leased it in 1960 with the proviso of a big plaza, then sold it under the commissioners in 1996 without adding any protections for the plaza, so the next owner didn’t have to keep it – lucky we got any I suppose ! Architects @woodsbagot with @shoparchitects (who have done big textured lumps elsewhere), developer @cbusproperty.

Hmm just a bit similar to this development from 2018 by SHOP in Brooklyn :

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