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Stanford Block, Richmond, 1880s

Original post 25 February 2020 The Stanford Block, Bridge Road, Richmond; almost certainly 1880s, and largely untouched, not painted, not even one, maybe single owner until the 80s ? Nice #polychromebrick, even still has its knobs. Only thing is one set of windows partly bricked in, but easily reversible. Thought these might be by #JohnBeswicke, … Continue reading Stanford Block, Richmond, 1880s

Postwar cast iron hatefulness in Richmond

A photo from c1960 of the #castironlace #verandah being removed from Hillside, a grand #melbourneterrace thousands pass every day on #HoddleStreetRichmond, when it was being converted to a ladies hostel (and it’s still operating as #HillsideCourt). Possibly the most famous place where the verandah is obviously missing. The photo is from ‘Victorian Heritage - Ornamental … Continue reading Postwar cast iron hatefulness in Richmond

Silo Apartments Richmond

Silo Apartments Richmond

Back when #NondaKatsalidis was doing exciting stuff - his #RichmondSilo project at 22 Abinger Street in 1996 was the first time someone had done a conversion of a disused #silo (though actually the front half is new) - it was the talk of the town, I remember it was rumoured that Kylie Minogue had a … Continue reading Silo Apartments Richmond