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New Monash University Chancellory

Monash University Chancellery, by @armarchitecture, 2020 - on a rare outing I had a look. I thought the columns by various artists were great ! Some I presume by ARM too (the black one clearly a wonky version of Adolf Loos’ 1922 Chicago Tribune competition entry); I loved the concrete couch by Kathy Temin. The … Continue reading New Monash University Chancellory

Collins Arch – lumpy, and a public space fail

Original post 23 Feb 2019: CollinsArch is massive, not so much an arch as a lump, not helped by the steppyness, as I said to anyone who would listen, which was nobody. You’ll only see that it actually is an arch from pretty much directly north or south, the rest of the time it’ll be … Continue reading Collins Arch – lumpy, and a public space fail