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Post Federation almost Bungalow, StKilda

A very nice #postfederation house built in 1920 in #BlessingtonStreet, #Stkilda opposite the #StKildaBotanicalGardens. Combining #ArtsAndCrafts Medievalising elements like the #baywindows and #diamondpanewindows and #halftimbering (also seen in the Federation style but now a bit stylised) and Edwardian Marseilles tiles, with a pair of gabled roofs showing the emerging influence of the #CalifornianBungalow style. A … Continue reading Post Federation almost Bungalow, StKilda

Tudor style house called Tudor House by John Beswicke 1883

I once saw a photo spread of the gorgeous interiors of this house, lots of rare original painted #stencil #friezes, and elaborate plasterwork, which is #TudorStyle, like the outside. Built in 1883, it was designed by #JohnBeswicke, one of the best things he did, and most unusual, nobody was doing Tudor in the 1880s when … Continue reading Tudor style house called Tudor House by John Beswicke 1883

More Mock Tudor in Toorak

#Picturesque but actually #symmetrical - the 1934 #MockTudor shops on the corner of ToorakRoad and Grange Road. Designed by Leslie Reed (not #RobertBellHamilton as previously thought), they were built in front a Victorian house, you can see the chimneys round the side, where they just plastered the walls with #halftimbering. The front much more creative, … Continue reading More Mock Tudor in Toorak

Toorak Tudor

As you know, I do love suburban #MockTudor shops (#OldEnglish is the proper name), and #ToorakVillage has the best examples. Architect possibly #RobertBellHamilton, and first one is 1929, the one on the north corner of Grange Rd is 1934 - there’s no stick-on #haltimbering, it’s actual carved timber, lots of bay windows and gables, #diamondpane … Continue reading Toorak Tudor

Queens College Principals Residence

Repost 2018: This is the Principle’s Residence at #QueensCollegeMelbourne, probably the one built for their new Professor of Theology, Rev Calvert Barber, in 1938, and probably designed by #HarryNorris. Gives you some idea of how spacious the whole #MelbourneUniversity campus was before WW2, scattered buildings with lots of staff houses, and lots of lawn and … Continue reading Queens College Principals Residence