More Mock Tudor in Toorak

#Picturesque but actually #symmetrical – the 1934 #MockTudor shops on the corner of ToorakRoad and Grange Road. Designed by Leslie Reed (not #RobertBellHamilton as previously thought), they were built in front a Victorian house, you can see the chimneys round the side, where they just plastered the walls with #halftimbering. The front much more creative, with paired #jerkinhead roofs, the central bay #jettying out twice, and very steep #gables either side, like #HanselAndGretel ! The ones next door on #Toorak Rd are quite good too, rough brick, and slightly wonky timber work, complete with #adzing marks.

Couldn’t work out what this sign on the #TudorRevival shops in #ToorakVillage said, till I realised it was on the corner of Grange and Toorak Rds hence GRATORAK, amiright ? Also what are those fish-duck things carved into the #bargeboards ?

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