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Corrigan at the VCA

Original post 17 December 2017 A bit of #postmodern madness, the 2004 Drama School at the #VictorianCollegeoftheArts by that cantankerous maverick #PeterCorrigan (but really it’s #EdmondandCorrigan). I don’t love it I don’t hate it I guess I don’t know what to think; solid, wonky dark massing with colourful stuck on cloud-shaped balcony things. I just … Continue reading Corrigan at the VCA

Horrible heritage outcome, Holy Trinity, Port Melbourne

Original post 16 July 2020 Seen in #BayStreetPortMelbourne- this has to be one of the WORST ‘heritage’ outcomes in melbs - I couldn’t believe it when I saw I first saw it many years ago. The 1913 church is not only completely hemmed in, only the external walls are left, and possibly not the east … Continue reading Horrible heritage outcome, Holy Trinity, Port Melbourne

Federation Square heritage listing #1

So #FederationSquare has been confirmed by #HeritageVictoria as having state heritage significance, which should mean no Apple Store ! This might be subject to an appeal, but unless the State Government intervenes to overturn it I'm sure it will be confirmed, and that should mean the Apple store won't happen, unless they just go into … Continue reading Federation Square heritage listing #1