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Unusual Victorians in COLLINGWOOD on opposite corners

First posted Instagram 5 February 2020 This hasn’t changed appearance since the 70s, back then it was just ‘chinese food’, and now it gets 5 stars. A Victorian shop with an open verandah above like that is pretty rare, only one on a corner I can think of; though it’s possible the 50s/60s shopfront replaced … Continue reading Unusual Victorians in COLLINGWOOD on opposite corners

Colonial in Collingwood

First posted Instagram 4 February 2020 Everybody’s favourite, this is Belmont in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood, looking very Colonial. This is because partly it is, the ground level anyway, built in bluestone in 1857 right on the street, with a few steps protruding onto the footpath, apparently because it was outside the area governed by the first building … Continue reading Colonial in Collingwood

Collingwood Tech, 1938

First posted Instagram 3 Feb 2030 I guess they havnt quite finished turning the old #CollingwoodTech into the #CollingwoodArtsCentre just yet, I had to take this through a gap in the hoarding. One if the more unusual designs by #PublicWorks Chief Architect #PercyEverett, this interesting arched and vertically finned entry was added in 1938 to … Continue reading Collingwood Tech, 1938