Wardle x 2 in Collingwood

Original post 26 February 2029

Photos 21 November 2019

The area of #Collingwood around Wellington and Langdrige just keeps getting denser, to CBD fringe levels; this is an office building by #JohnWardle, it’s ok, a shiny bronze glass #curtainwall, but I read it’s supposed to be 6*, which is something. Also it’s end of trip facilities are to be shared with the homeless, also nice, though not an area where they hang out as far as I know. The smaller retail building has a sawtooth roof on the south side -as a wall (!). The thing I don’t like is that it’s long sides face a lane on one side and a very narrow street on the other, where there’s already taller things going up, so it’s rather boxed in, not much outlook. Good setback on the narrow side though facing Wellington. Another case of development getting way ahead of controls, there’s height limits around here but no requirement for setbacks, access to light or anything else really. Wardle has two projects in the one shot, the even bigger curvey #HolmeApartmemts.

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