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Premier Permanent, Collins Street, 1887, not so permanent.

Original post 9 April 2020 When I first saw a photo of this I was like OMG what a feast ! Delicious ! It seems like most of the really OTT #highvictorian things were lost on the 1950s-60s, and this was right up there ! The #PemierPermanent Building Society, on #CollinsStreet south side just down … Continue reading Premier Permanent, Collins Street, 1887, not so permanent.

Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

First posted 1 February 2020 While I’m on #lostmelbourne, there’s the famous ones, but there were quite a lot of ornate #highvictorian ‘chambers’ like this that mushroomed in the 1880s and disappeared in the 50s-70s, mostly with only a few photos now in archives - and @heraldsunphoto_retro has a great collection slowly filling up their … Continue reading Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

Making a mark in Kensington

Local Kensington identity James Wales certainly made a statement with this, his home combined with the office for his business, the #KensingtonPropertyExchange, plus attached shophouse, designed by E Owen Hughes. Somehow it’s all survived intact, never painted, never altered, even the shopfront is intact. Very much of the #landboom eta, in fact by the time … Continue reading Making a mark in Kensington

Stalbridge Chambers, a new (ish) vista

I do like the way the classical pile-up of #StalbridgeChambers in #LittleCollinsStreet dominates this view down #NewChanceryLane, created by the #RACVclub in 2005 (though for a lane it’s a bit too wide). Designed by #TwentymanandAskew, built 1891, Stalbridge is one of only two of the dozen #VictorianSkyscrapers in Melb to survive. The other is the … Continue reading Stalbridge Chambers, a new (ish) vista