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NOT heritage colours, Elizabeth Street

First posted Instagram 3 Nov 2019. 😮 This #colourscheme on the old #AngusAndRobertson building on #ElizabethStreet has just been revealed (thanks for the photo @tristan_davies) - it’s cheery but so very wrong ! Apparently it’s some kind of mistake, and they (not sure who, but @plusarchitecture are moving in) certainly didn’t get a heritage permit. … Continue reading NOT heritage colours, Elizabeth Street

Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

First posted 1 February 2020 While I’m on #lostmelbourne, there’s the famous ones, but there were quite a lot of ornate #highvictorian ‘chambers’ like this that mushroomed in the 1880s and disappeared in the 50s-70s, mostly with only a few photos now in archives - and @heraldsunphoto_retro has a great collection slowly filling up their … Continue reading Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

A J MacDonald PWD star !

Look what I found wandering home up a side street from #christmaslunch - the fabbo #FlemingtonCourtHouse, built 1891. Lombardic Romanesque ? Italian Byzantine ? All of the above ! Designed by #AJMacDonald, at a time in the later 1880s when the #PublicWorksDepartment were let loose to be inventive after decades of classical restraint. The #copshop … Continue reading A J MacDonald PWD star !