A J MacDonald PWD star !

Look what I found wandering home up a side street from #christmaslunch – the fabbo #FlemingtonCourtHouse, built 1891. Lombardic Romanesque ? Italian Byzantine ? All of the above ! Designed by #AJMacDonald, at a time in the later 1880s when the #PublicWorksDepartment were let loose to be inventive after decades of classical restraint. The #copshop up the back is equally good, almost Arts&Crafts, certainly half way to Edwardian.

The rather impressive #Flemington #PoliceStation built 1891 just behind the Court House was one of the very earliest examples of domestic style #EdwardianArchitecture in #Melbourne; and thanks to @jdflemington finding this photo of it in 1949 we can see that it had a great huge #baywindow that sort of went up and supported the leaning out roof. #AJMacDonald, for the #publicworksdepartment, 1891.

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