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Port Melbourne Theatre, 1913, burnt

Original post 20 July 2020 Photos 14 July Sad sight on #BayStreetPortMelbourne, been this way since a fire in 2015 (I think). Its yet another surviving (partly) very early cinema, being built as the Port Theatre in 1913, and closing in 1956, and used for retail ever since. In 2018 a permit was issued to … Continue reading Port Melbourne Theatre, 1913, burnt

Horrible heritage outcome, Holy Trinity, Port Melbourne

Original post 16 July 2020 Seen in #BayStreetPortMelbourne- this has to be one of the WORST ‘heritage’ outcomes in melbs - I couldn’t believe it when I saw I first saw it many years ago. The 1913 church is not only completely hemmed in, only the external walls are left, and possibly not the east … Continue reading Horrible heritage outcome, Holy Trinity, Port Melbourne

Taking the Pissoir.

Another Melbourne#castiron #pissoir, one of 8 left, this one outside the Royal Artillery Hotel #SouthCarlton (now the #LastJar) and quite unchanged, still with the entries facing the gutter, and the cresting intact. It was quite smelly inside ! They all date from 1903-18. The idea started in Paris in the 1830s, they eventually had like … Continue reading Taking the Pissoir.

Some Arts & Crafts Gloomy Gothic goodness.

Melbourne’s best gloomy mysterious entry - #AssemblyHall in #CollinsStreet, built for Victoria’s Presbyterians in 1915, next to #ScotsChurch. Designed by #HHKemp in a lively #ArtsAndCraftsStyle influenced #GothicRevival. Love the lights especially. It’s still their meeting hall and offices, but also #KayCraddock Antiquarian Booksellers.

Tallest shop top in Melbourne ?

#FabulousFacade to a shop in #ChapelStreetPrahran, so vertical and spiky, with lashings of #ArtNouveau; sadly some of the (red?) tiles falling off, the rest painted out beige. Can’t find much about it, but looks c1910; in 1905-8 there was an #OysterSaloon, raided for gambling, and for “horribly offensive” oysters (!), then by 1912 it was … Continue reading Tallest shop top in Melbourne ?

Neoclassical Colosseum, another Tompkins & Tompkins.

This grand edifice in #ChapelStreetPrahran was built as the #ColosseumDepartmentStore in 1914, after a fire destroyed their older smaller shop built just 6 years previously. Designed by #TompkinsandTompkins it’s pretty much a copy of London’s #Selfridges, completed only 5 years before (complete with flags!), designed by US architect #DanielBurnham. This was the earliest large scale … Continue reading Neoclassical Colosseum, another Tompkins & Tompkins.

Michaels Camera Store, a 4th generation business.

#MichaelsBuilding, cnr Lonsdale & Elizabeth, 1916, think we learned about this in architectural history classes - it’s earlyish #ReinforcedConcrete, a fave subject of Prof Miles Lewis, and allowed the extensive seemingly unsupported windows (the supports are hidden at the inside corners). Great little building. By #ArthurPurnell, a prolific architect best known for his few Chinese … Continue reading Michaels Camera Store, a 4th generation business.

Queens College – the Queen Victoria Hospital fence.

The plain, sturdy #castironfence at #QueensCollege #MelbourneUniversity isn’t original - it’s actually from the #QueenVictoriaHospital, a huge Edwardian complex which originally occupied a whole block of Lonsdale Street in the #MelbCBD, demolished bit by bit in the 90s, made me so mad, anyway the fence, dating from 1915, found a new home here c1998, somehow … Continue reading Queens College – the Queen Victoria Hospital fence.