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Queens College Melbourne University

#QueensCollege #MelbourneUniversity, main building. One of the many big colleges built on reserved land on a big curve around the top of the Uni. This one was the #Methodist / Wesleyan reserve. It’s impressive but plain and that tower is a bit top heavy; I see now that it’s got a whole extra tall top … Continue reading Queens College Melbourne University

Queens College Laboratories

Behind the main building at #QueensCollegeMelbourne is this curious thing, a #laboratories building, built in 1930 in a sort of Deco-Tudor style, with an octagonal lantern, like a mini-cathedral ! Great #typeface, I suppose #GothicScript. Paid for by the great 30s philanthropists the Nicholas brothers, of Aspro wealth, also practicing Methodists, hence this structure, rebuilding … Continue reading Queens College Laboratories

Queens College Principals Residence

Repost 2018: This is the Principle’s Residence at #QueensCollegeMelbourne, probably the one built for their new Professor of Theology, Rev Calvert Barber, in 1938, and probably designed by #HarryNorris. Gives you some idea of how spacious the whole #MelbourneUniversity campus was before WW2, scattered buildings with lots of staff houses, and lots of lawn and … Continue reading Queens College Principals Residence

Queens College – the Queen Victoria Hospital fence.

The plain, sturdy #castironfence at #QueensCollege #MelbourneUniversity isn’t original - it’s actually from the #QueenVictoriaHospital, a huge Edwardian complex which originally occupied a whole block of Lonsdale Street in the #MelbCBD, demolished bit by bit in the 90s, made me so mad, anyway the fence, dating from 1915, found a new home here c1998, somehow … Continue reading Queens College – the Queen Victoria Hospital fence.

Queens College Melbourne University – Eakins Hall

The speccy #EakinsHall at #QueensCollege #Melbourne University was built 1962. Love that folded timber ceiling, presumably cladding some interesting trusses. Designed by #BatesSmartMcCutcheon, it makes and interesting comparison with their Wilson Hall of a few years before. The walls are #concreteblock, meant to emulate stone (which they don’t). Great low hanging copper #canisterlights, and a … Continue reading Queens College Melbourne University – Eakins Hall