Queens College Melbourne University

#QueensCollege #MelbourneUniversity, main building.

One of the many big colleges built on reserved land on a big curve around the top of the Uni. This one was the #Methodist / Wesleyan reserve. It’s impressive but plain and that tower is a bit top heavy; I see now that it’s got a whole extra tall top level that wasn’t in the original design of 1887, by #TerryandOakden, described then as in #PerpendicularGothic. Only the left (south) wing was built at first, opening March 1888 – the rest, including the tower, was built 1920-23, designed by A S Eggleston (a lay Methodist preacher), who made the tower more symmetrical and taller – maybe these odd changes are the reason this building is only locally #heritagelisted.

The original design is often attributed to Oakden Addison & Kemp, but the firm only got that name in 1887, and the newspaper report on the original design says it’s the earlier firm, though Addison and #HHKemp were there, so might well have had a hand.

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