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Queen Victoria Building and Queens Walk Arcade

The delightful Queen Victoria Building, once on the corner of Swanston and Collins, in a close up of a painting from 1889 by Jacques Carabain, a French/Belgian artist who made a living going round the world and painting street scenes (usually exotic locales though). Then a scan of a slide of the building from the … Continue reading Queen Victoria Building and Queens Walk Arcade

Kingsclere, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, 1926

Original post 19 July 2020 Photos 29 June #Kingsclere in #FitzroyStreetStKilda has a rather retro facade for its 1926 date, but has an interesting interior, being built around a courtyard, very rare in Melbourne. Though seems architect #PJOconnor didn’t think the it needed to be anything other than very plain #redbrick; it’s quite lushly planted … Continue reading Kingsclere, Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, 1926

Catani Clocktower, 1930

Original post 3 July 2020 The #CataniClocktower on the #UpperEsplanade, one of largest memorials to anyone really, and definitely for an engineer! Catani was Italian, and studied in Florence, before coming out here in 1876, got a job at the Lands Department, and by the 1890s was responsible for big projects like draining the KooWeeRup … Continue reading Catani Clocktower, 1930

Windsor Court, Robe Street, a converted pub.

Original post 10 April 2020 Rearing up in the middle of the otherwise low scale suburban #RobeStreetStKilda is this idiosyncratic pile called #WindsorCourtApartments. It was created in the 1920s by altering and adding to what was a three storey pub, #StarAndGarterHotel, on the left and a possibly differently designed three storey house on the right … Continue reading Windsor Court, Robe Street, a converted pub.

Kurrajong is a tree not a bird 😁

#KurrajongHouse in #CollinsStreet near the Regent is fine to look at but curiously without a clear style; it’s sort of squared off abstracted classical but really quite plain except that it’s all windows, mostly in the protruding central bay. Built 1936-27, it was designed by #RMandMHKing, a father and son team, better known for houses, … Continue reading Kurrajong is a tree not a bird 😁

Toorak Tudor

As you know, I do love suburban #MockTudor shops (#OldEnglish is the proper name), and #ToorakVillage has the best examples. Architect possibly #RobertBellHamilton, and first one is 1929, the one on the north corner of Grange Rd is 1934 - there’s no stick-on #haltimbering, it’s actual carved timber, lots of bay windows and gables, #diamondpane … Continue reading Toorak Tudor

Big old office building, National Bank, Geelong, 1928

I like it, nice detailing, but I think it’s rather #topheavy, the way the lower levels are inset behind the #faience #ioniccolumns. #NationalBankofAustralasia, #MalopStreet, #Geelong, completed Jan 1928, designed by #TompkinsandTompkins from Melbourne, squeezing it in with all their other work! Chamber us intact too, though you can hardly see the columns through the clutter.