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Newspaper House, Collins Street, competition 1932.

Original post 8 July 2020 This is #NewspaperHouse, built in 1932-33 for the Herald as their city office as it is, and as it might have been, a very zippy zigzaggy Art Deco confection; it was one of 8 competition entries published, mostly quite conservative but all Art Deco more or less, showing how it … Continue reading Newspaper House, Collins Street, competition 1932.

Catani Clocktower, 1930

Original post 3 July 2020 The #CataniClocktower on the #UpperEsplanade, one of largest memorials to anyone really, and definitely for an engineer! Catani was Italian, and studied in Florence, before coming out here in 1876, got a job at the Lands Department, and by the 1890s was responsible for big projects like draining the KooWeeRup … Continue reading Catani Clocktower, 1930