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Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

First posted 1 February 2020 While I’m on #lostmelbourne, there’s the famous ones, but there were quite a lot of ornate #highvictorian ‘chambers’ like this that mushroomed in the 1880s and disappeared in the 50s-70s, mostly with only a few photos now in archives - and @heraldsunphoto_retro has a great collection slowly filling up their … Continue reading Oxford Chambers, Bourke Street, 1889-1970

Melbourne Gotham

Melbourne Gotham, one of the interwar towers that manages to look like an #ArtDeco skyscraper even though built under the #132ftHeightLimit (40m). Designed by the Commonwealth Dep of Works for the #CommonwealthBank, and competed 1941. I like how it’s one-sided, all nicely detailed on the laneway side, but the other side is quite visible, an … Continue reading Melbourne Gotham

Equity Trustees, Bourke Street.

Pleasantly surprised to see that the additional floors on #EquityTrustees aren’t green ! They’re simpler than I thought they were going to be, so hard to keep up. Also it’s not just a hotel, it’s going to be a #HiltonHotel ! A little 244 room one. Designed by #batessmart. Nice to see as well that … Continue reading Equity Trustees, Bourke Street.