Toorak Tudor

As you know, I do love suburban #MockTudor shops (#OldEnglish is the proper name), and #ToorakVillage has the best examples. Architect possibly #RobertBellHamilton, and first one is 1929, the one on the north corner of Grange Rd is 1934 – there’s no stick-on #haltimbering, it’s actual carved timber, lots of bay windows and gables, #diamondpane #leadlight windows, etc. There’s a great concentration of them at the east end of the #shoppingstrip (which are #heritagelisted, but not the rest of the strip, so 3 more examples miss out).

They could be inspired by English or American revivals, but just maybe they’re influenced by actual German old towns; apparently in cities like Frankfurt, they were going to clear out all the old stuff in the 20s, but people complained and instead encouraged restoration, and added cutesy flower boxes, so by the 30s they were a popular tourists sight. WW2 destroyed most of them ☹️ but in Frankfurt, they reconstructed some straight after, and just recently the #hühnermarkt precinct was rebuilt, some exact reproductions like the last pic, others stylised. Looks great. And so these Toorak things could be inspired by originals that are long gone.

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