Keith Haring mural Collingwood, 1984

First posted Instagram 3 Feb 2020

Went to the #TammieBrown show yesterday (hilarious) so of course snapped the #KeithHaringMural, which is looking fine. He painted it in 1984 on a side wall of what was then #CollingwoodTech, with the help of the students. Over time it became famous as the only public Haring in Oz and VERY faded. When I was at the #NationalTrust in the 2000s the Public Art Committee was divided as to whether it should just be conserved as it was, or touched up, and eventually in 2014 the Arts Vic stepped in an Italian conservator Antonio Rava was brought out who did repaint at least the red by the looks, and I’m glad he did, it looked terrible before. He also gave it a coat of something to prevent further deterioration. I guess as part of the repainting you’re can now see little edges of the faded paint peeking through.

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