Colonial in Collingwood

First posted Instagram 4 February 2020

Everybody’s favourite, this is Belmont in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood, looking very Colonial. This is because partly it is, the ground level anyway, built in bluestone in 1857 right on the street, with a few steps protruding onto the footpath, apparently because it was outside the area governed by the first building regulations. Then 20 years later the top floor was added, but also in a Colonial mode, with a projecting #verandah, very unusual for Melb, not only cantilevered but over the footpath, not sure there’s any other examples like it. Also the #castironlace is relatively simple, adding to the early character. Listed by #heritagevictoria in 1991.

This simple, unassuming pair of #shophouses in #JohnstonStreetCollingwood have a charming pediment with dancing cherubs. Lovely. Don’t know exact date but I’m guessing 1860s since it’s so plain, but face brick, which just didn’t happen in the 1850s. But it could easily be 1880s too.

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