Bayside Brutalism

So there’s a lot of New Brutalism around these days – this is a new house on Beaconsfield Parade Middle Park – my first reaction was, ‘how about some windows’ ? Then I thought, we’ll if that’s the lounge room up top, then yes great views, and the other rooms below might be bedrooms, so don’t need a view really, and you don’t want passersby peering in…. But there’s a lot of space behind those blank concrete walls. Media room ? Lap pool ? No garden, though there might be a courtyard behind. And it’s not a bad bit of sculpture, lots of ins and outs …but overall a bit aggressively blank and dour. I’m told the architect is @robertsimeoniarchitects. Last pic what was there before, which VCAT decided was too altered to be considered heritage, and fair enough.

By comparison- not Melbourne but so amazingly sculptural. I got the 2018 ‘Atlas of Brutalist Architecture’ from the library and there’s so many great things I’ve never seen from all corners of the world – and the Italians (of course) were particularly creative /out there – such as the work of Saviero Busiri Vici. Love the quite mad house from 1973 in Rome, a suspended origami almost of concrete forms (1st three pics), and his similar styled apartments called Edificio Pluriuso from 72, also in Rome. I can see in the latter the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, via the steppy very detailed often concrete work of Carlo Scarpa (another book I’ve got from the library!).

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