Carlton Gardens lake

Repost 2017: #RoyalExhibitionBuilding looking fine in the #eveningsun. When I first saw the #historicphoto with a lake I thought ‘there’s no lake there !’ but there is, though pretty sure it was overgrown until recently (?), but certainly looks smaller than in 1880. Architect #ReedandBarnes, garden #WilliamSangster.

NGV, so altered

Repost 2017: #NationalGalleryofVictoria main #courtyard. Original design #RoyGrounds, completed 1968; exterior and courtyard walls clad in Melbourne #bluestone, pretty unusual for the 60s. The #Glassroof and that triangular thing masking the escalators part of complete overhaul in 2003 designed by #MarioBellini. What happened still makes me mad, there’s more floor space, but the woody textured … Continue reading NGV, so altered

AMP statuary

Repost 2017: Hadnt noticed this before, on the 1930 Collins Street #AMPbuilding above the door - a #Statuary group known as #Amicus, apparently part of every #AMPbuilding, even into the 60s. Full title “Amicus certus in re incerta” (translation “"a friend in need is a friend indeed"). Here’s some others, first is 1912 from Oamaru … Continue reading AMP statuary