City Baths

Original post 28 Jan 2018: #MelbourneCityBaths, 1902-4, design by #JJClark with his son #EJClarke. Delightful #redbrick stripy Edwardian (“#bloodandbandages”), with #EnglishBaroque details, and Clark’s favoured Tudory #turrets and #domes. JJ’s first design was the old treasury building 42 years previously when he was just 19. Great plan, filling the triangular site. Note the rooms at … Continue reading City Baths

Green Latrine

Original post 2016: Repost from 2016: So who remembers the 'Green Latrine' ? Perhaps few of you, since this huge unloved modernist government building on the Spring Street / Latobe Street corner opposite the Carlton Gardens was demolished in the late 1980s. It was notable for its great scale and early date, the first stage … Continue reading Green Latrine

Anzac Station tram stop (ex Domain Interchange)

Anzac Station tram stop in St Kilda Road - open but not at all finished. I like it! Lovely curves, lots of wood (‘glulam’ beams maybe 2m deep?) in a diagonal grid, some skylights, some bright green. However - it’s so high that it won’t keep much weather out; the from city trams will stop … Continue reading Anzac Station tram stop (ex Domain Interchange)

New Church, Mt Waverley, 1963

Original post Jan 2018: This wild curved pyramid roofed church has been sitting here on #HighStreetRoad #MtWaverley since 1963, when it was built for the independent #NewChurchinVictoria, designed by architect Alex Harris. It’s a plan of intersecting squares, two on the diagonal, the third being the hall, but that roof ! Sort of #polynesian or … Continue reading New Church, Mt Waverley, 1963